General FAQ

When did the project launch?

The project was officially launched on the 24th June 2021.

How long is LP locked?

Liquidity was locked for 12 months. At this time the DAO will discuss and implement additional locking timeframes with more or less liquidity depending on requirements.

What is the current marketcap?

Why use memecoins?

Altcoins, Shitcoins and Memecoins need actual utility and BAS will provide them a means to utilize their value within an ecosystem for different use cases, such as through Metaverse Adventures.

What if I don’t have memecoins in my wallet?

You can use any BSC token, especially the BAS token to interact with the BAS ecosystem.

Will there be a mechanism to deal with transaction fees?

Yes. Most notable fees are involved with getting on and off the platform. There are fees involved with game entry and transactions relating to in-game assets and NFTs, but interactions in game will be batched.

What is the benefit of holding BAS token?

The benefits are many.
  1. 1.
    The BAS token will act as a booster on in game earnings. The benefit to the player is that the more BAS he holds, the more he wins playing and by consequence the faster he can augment his NFTs to unlock more features within the ecosystem and improve his competitive gaming experience, turning them into more valuable assets.
    This mechanism works as it allows all players regardless of BAS held to still progress as they play, however still incentivizing larger spenders to purchase more and to hold it in order to increase their in game earnings. Please note that holding the BAS token will not provide an advantage in terms of gameplay between players, i.e. a player holding more BAS won’t be more likely to beat a player holding less, it is only upon the game completing and the result being set that he earns more in game tokens.
  2. 2.
    Tribes will allow their members to stake BAS Tribes will be collectives of apes within the game, operating like conventional player guilds. They will be led by an ‘Alpha’ ape and a council. All members of the tribe will be able to stake BAS to the tribe, and all members of the tribe will benefit from the use of the average BAS of the tribe: Average BAS = Total BAS staked in tribe / Total players in tribe A % of all earnings of tribe members is sent to the tribe and divided by the tribe members based on their share of staked BAS. This will essentially turn tribes into BAS centered e-sports teams, where Tribe Alphas and councils will need to identify high skill players to bring into the tribe, alongside large BAS token holders. The result means high skill players win more due to their BAS multiplier being higher than if they were playing on their own, and large BAS token holders passively earn in game tokens from the talent of the tribe, which they will then be able to use to mint or augment their NFTs for play or to be sold on the marketplace. This mechanism creates an incentive for large BAS holders who may not play the game much to hold their tokens and stake them to tribes cultivating strong players, allowing them to simply earn in-game tokens to augment the value of their NFT inventories.
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    BAS backed NFTs Minting NFTs within the BAS ecosystem will require a payment in BAS and an in game token (e.g. Lootbox tokens for Items). The BAS paid is split between the game development studio and a smart contract that holds BAS for NFT ‘disenchantment’, whilst the in game token is burnt. This means that the player can, if he wishes, turn his NFT back into BAS based on the current minting price of an NFT minus an operator fee. The amount of BAS paid to mint will be calculated along a curve where as more BAS is stored in the smart contract, the less BAS it will cost to mint. The logic here is that as the BAS gaming ecosystem grows, and more players join, more NFTs will be minted and held by players and more BAS will be locked within this smart contract, i.e. there will be high TVL (Total Value Locked) behind the NFTs. In order to compensate for the expected rise in BAS price due to more being bought and locked, it is necessary that the price of BAS decrease along with the increase in TVL, in order to keep the minting price stable and the game still accessible to everyone. Conversely, a decrease in TVL will result in an increase in BAS required to mint. The BAS received for disenchantment will be regulated with the same maths and all logic will be handled by smart contract (subject to multiple audits). This system and the mathematical equations that regulate it, will signify that regardless of how many players are in the BAS ecosystem, the ‘cost’ of minting and the value received through disenchantment will remain fairly constant, allowing players a fairer experience compared to conventional legacy gaming.
    This mechanism is therefore designed to increase TVL and provide a spending requirement of the BAS token as the products scale. Due to the game-NFT interactions and competitive metas of our games, we expect there to be a floating peg (i.e. above disenchantment market price) for the NFTs in meta.
  4. 4.
    NFT trading volumes to buybacks Given the volumes of NFTs traded within blockchain ecosystems, it only makes sense for the BAS ecosystem to take a portion of commissions from NFT trading volumes and to utilize them for buybacks. The team is still currently deliberating on how to best enact these buybacks, i.e. whether they should be event based or automatic through smart contract functions, however there shall certainly be a mechanism by which trading volume commissions within our NFT marketplace are utilized to buyback BAS.
    The bought back BAS will then be used in a number of ways, one of which will be to send the BAS to the NFT TVL smart contract. The effect this has is that the price of NFTs for players minting will be decreased, an effective countermeasure should the BAS token price spike making the game NFTs a lot more expensive.
    The effect this mechanism has is that it creates constant buying pressure on the token, as well as for the NFT TVL rerouting of BAS, increased token TVL.
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    Governance The BAS token will allow holders to cast votes on ecosystem development. As we grow there will be grant programs, bounties and gaming related events sponsored by the BAS treasury based on the communities votes. The BAS treasury shall also follow the communities guidance on the development of new games and experiences surrounding the BAS universe. You can view the BAS Governance forum on
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    Additional / Alternative Utility Potential value appreciation, LP farming with the BAS token, Exclusive entry into future tournaments only for BAS holders, Discounted merch, NFTs and in-game assets

Will there be farms for different tokens?

You will only ever be able to farm using either BAS or NFTs.
There will be different outputs from the farms depending on what has been purchased on the platform. Different farms will be open according to trends and pooled token value inflows.

Will there be fees for farming?

There are no fees on the farms, apart from taxes relating to transactions in and out of the farms. We cannot whitelist the Pancakeswap contract for the existing LP Farms otherwise the token itself would have no tax associated with transactions.