General FAQ

When did the project launch?

The project and the TGE was officially launched on the 24th June 2021.

How long is LP locked?

Liquidity is locked for another 12 months. At this time the DAO will discuss and implement additional locking timeframes with more or less liquidity depending on requirements.

What is the current marketcap?

Marketcap on Poocoin is approx $171.3 million. Marketcap on CoinGecko is approx $84.94 million - CoinGecko accounts for available supply, which they have deemed to be 48% of the total of 100,000,000 tokens.

Why use memecoins?

Altcoins, Shitcoins and Memecoins need utility and BAS will provide them a means to utilize their value within an ecosystem for different use cases.

What if I don’t have memecoins in my wallet?

You can use any BSC token, including BAS to interact with the BAS ecosystem

Will there be a mechanism to deal with transaction fees?

Yes. Most notable fees are involved with getting on and off the platform.
There are fees involved with game entry and transactions relating to in-game assets and NFTs, but interactions in game will be batched.

What is the benefit of holding BAS token?

The benefits are many.
  1. 1.
    Potential value appreciation
  2. 2.
    Farm with the BAS token
  3. 3.
    Exclusive entry into tournaments only for BAS holders
  4. 4.
    Discounted merch, NFTs and in-game assets
  5. 5.
    Minting lootboxes

How will the game increase the value of the BAS token?

In its simplest form, the game creates fees that are fed to the farms, able to be earnt by depositing BAS and/or NFT rewards to gather yield. With volume, this creates a simple mechanic that raises the price floor and demand for the token. As the game gathers popularity, holders will increase disproportionally to sellers. This will have an effect on token asset value.

Will there be farms for different tokens?

You will only ever be able to farm using either BAS or NFTs.
There will be different outputs from the farms depending on what has been purchased on the platform. Different farms will be open according to trends and pooled token value inflows. IE, If there is a large amount of Safemoon used on the platform, a Safemoon pool will open for harvest.

Will there be fees for farming?

There are no fees on the farms, apart from taxes relating to transactions in and out of the farms. We cannot whitelist the Pancakeswap contract for the existing LP Farms otherwise the token itself would have no tax associated with transactions.
For more information about the LP Farming and the fees, please check here
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