Future Plans FAQ

Will there be more content added, if so in what way?

We are taking an iterative approach to building out the game and the related ecosystem.
This is just the beginning.
Over time we will develop separate games which interact with the ecosystem targeting different player types to provide everyone with the opportunity to get involved.
There will be an ongoing stream of development for our various games, modes and types. With the DAO involvement, this will exponentially expand the potential use cases and project opportunities for our player base.

Do you see plans for other console releases?

Yes, over time we will expand relevant game modes and offerings to console platforms with integrations and inter-platform collaborations.

How do you envision AR/VR being integrated?

The AR / VR expansion will incorporate a variety of features that leverage off the RPG game. In-game characters that are used for the RPG mode can then be used within the AR / VR mini-games for a variety of quest and instance based adventures. Consider the model that Pokemon Go applied and you will form some ideas about what will be developed.

Where can I buy Merch?

Merch is coming soon and will be available for purchase directly from the website.
Last modified 1yr ago