Head of Innovation: Matthew Hutchins
  • 20 Years in the Tech Space
  • Highly Experienced Project Manager & Delivery Expert for IT & Digital Products
  • LinkedIn
Matthew is an innovative, technical and results driven leader, with over 17 years experience delivering cloud strategies and technology solutions. As Head of Innovation, Matthew is accountable to the creation of the game and ideating the platform mechanics for the DeFi / NFT / Game cross-pollination.


Head of Technology: Dan Fong
  • Computer Science graduate, specialization in Solidity and DLT technology.
  • Full-stack developer.
  • LinkedIn
Daniel is a blockchain enthusiast. Having specialised in the development of solidity based smart contracts for his university thesis, after graduating with a computer science degree in 2021 he soon began trading cryptocurrencies. After half a year working as a full stack developer within a startup he decided to quit and start a crypto project called GIFT on BSC. After having successfully developed the initial protocol and dapp for GIFT, Daniel joined the BAS team. Daniel enjoys utilizing his technical knowledge to solve business problems within the blockchain space, developing sustainable and legally compliant revenue models with web3 technology.
Head of Creative: Lachlan Grant
  • Graduate architect, highly experienced Web Designer and aesthetics professional.
  • Proficient in all 3D Design Software’s for Architecture and Game Development Technology.
  • Telegram
Lachlan is a very determined, passionate Architect with proficiency in a multitude of architectural / design programs and the ability + experience to work collaboratively and lead teams. He has a rare creative ability to think outside the box and come up with extremely innovative solutions to pressing issues that can integrate to our existing ecosystems. As the creative lead, he is relied on for new ideas on how we can evolve the project and use creative innovations to solve a problem. He efficiently manages our creative departments integrated within BAS to always be on-top of trends in the culture of design and technology.