DAO Governance

Block Ape Scissors is creating an ecosystem which places community at the heart of everything we do. Beyond the initial vision for the BAS Battle, Table and Tournament system which interacts with NFT's and the farms, the RPG and additional games that are created will be envisioned and created with suggestions and recommendations from our community. The model will be funded by the original Block Ape Scissors game, along with a portion of the tax transactions from time to time as we progress.
This system will allow us to work extremely close with our core community members that want to be along for the ride to build something completely unique, memorable and profitable. We envisage the model to be rewarding for BAS holders, who themselves will have the power to drive and shape the future with us.
The DAO will be rolled out in stages, becoming increasingly granular and complex as involvement and expansion develops over time.
The Block Ape Scissors vision for a DAO provides a governance strategy with inclusion from the community and BAS holders including, but not limited to the following areas of consensus;
· Third-party Game acceptance onto the platform
· Token reward modelling & balance
· External NFT acceptance & use case
· External NFT boost function & balance
· BAS based NFT balancing
· DAO treasury rewards
· DAO activities & initiatives
· BAS token mechanics relevant to games & NFTs
· Earniverse adjustments & additions
· BAS Improvement Proposals (BIP)
· Tribe modelling, adjustments & changes
· Champion modelling, adjustments & changes
· Overall meta changes affecting ecosystem balance
BAS is focused on providing a community driven environment that encourages, rewards, and supports a strong community voice to assist shaping the direction, landscape, and granular parameters to ensure we continue building an ecosystem that is for the people and by the people.

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